What do you do when gyms are closed, when WFH and stay-at-home is life, or when you just want something that is safer and more convenient than going to a gym or studio? Invest in your at home fitness! Working out from home is the new thing, but many people struggle when searching for convenient home alternatives to a gym or studio. With these affordable must haves you can build up your mini-gym and get back to the active lifestyle you’re missing!



Your mat is important when it comes to your workouts. You want something comfy and non-slip to support all types of movements! Maybe even get yourself a fun color to spark some joy and excitement when starting your workout.

The ATIVAFIT Non Slip TPE Yoga Mat Exercise & Workout Mat ($30) is fan fave! Eco-friendly, cushioned, and non-slip for that perfect workout support whether you’re doing yoga, HIIT, pilates, or simple strength training.



Bands are the best way to get resistance and start toning without adding actual weights to your at home mini-gym! Personally, I have two types of bands in my mini-gym: elastic long bands + non-slip booty bands. I use them DAILY in my workouts, so investing in both is a great idea for mini-gym newbies. Just be sure to check the weight resistance on the bands you’re getting!

Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt ($15) are my personal, affordable fave- completely non-slip and comfortable. They also come in cute colors. These bands add a challenge to my normal body weight only exercises, and come in a variety of resistances for all levels!

Allvodes Exercise Bands ($18) offer a variety of resistance bands in their pack of 5: ranging from 5lbs-25lbs. They are perfect for home workouts, and add that extra weight without the use of actual weights!



Or a “pilates ring”, is perfect for anyone looking to get a multitude of workouts from ONE piece of equipment. These magic circles offer resistance, toning, sculpting, and heightened flexibility when used in your at home workouts- typically pilates! If you are new to the pilates game, I’d suggest purchasing a magic circle that comes with a workout guide. 

URBNFit Pilates Ring Fitness Circle ($18) comes in cute colors and has an awesome workout guide for newbies! It has comfortable padding on each end, will never crack or break, and is lightweight and portable.




Bala has given the home gym staple - ankle weights - a fashionable upgrade, while cleverly creating them so you can adjust them to also be worn on your wrists.  Use them to add resistance to your workouts, or even multitask and turn mundane chores (like folding laundry) into a simultaneous workout by strapping them to your wrists. You can get them in 1/2lb, 1lb, or 2lb increments! They come in your favorites colors and are incredibly versatile for all fitness levels. Shred your arms, go for a walk, or train your core - and look good while you do it! 

Bala Bangles ($40-$65)




August 19, 2022 — Alison Velázquez