If you’re a Skinny Souper, you know all the benefits + reasons someone might choose to go vegan or to eat plant-based proteins, rather than real meat. But if you are not completely sold on faux meats + are having some trouble transitioning from an omnivore to a strictly plant-based diet, here is why you should try faux meat - as well as, our recommendations on which ones to try!



Faux meats imitate meat products that most people are already familiar with, making them easy to integrate into our fave recipes! Some even come precooked, making them that much more convenient. Faux meats are also very similar in protein + calories to real meat, but usually contain less saturated fat + no cholesterol - meaning they are fueling and filling without the yucky stuff we can live without. Choosing faux meats over real meats is also an ethical and environmental choice! Many people who choose to be vegetarian or vegan, do it for these reasons + enjoy being a part of a movement that benefits the environment + treatment of animals. All in all, faux meats are great for people looking to transition from eating real meat to going fully plant-based. 



  • Plant-based ground:

Beyond Beef + Impossible Burger both have similar makeups when it comes to creating their faux meats. By using soy + yeast, these brands were able to create a look + taste-alike to ground beef. Plant-based ground can be cooked + eaten exactly like ground beef.

  • Chick’n:

Gardein has successfully made a substitute soy-based product that mimics the exact taste and consistency of chicken! It comes frozen + cooks much faster than chicken - making it convenient + delicious. 

  • Jackfruit:

Taking the internet by storm for it’s uncanny resemblance to pulled-meats like pork or chicken, Jackfruit is a fibrous “faux meat” that can be found canned, frozen, or fresh. This is best cooked in a slow cooker or skillet, in combination with your favorite barbecue pulled-pork or sweet + sour sauce!

  • Seitan:

Made from wheat gluten, this faux meat product is high in protein + super low in fat. It reminds me of chicken texture but without the taste of meat. It is similar to tofu + tempeh, where it absorbs the flavors of what you cook it in! But I definitely recommend Upton’s Naturals, Traditional Seitan, throwing it on the grill or searing it in a pan!

  • Tofu + Tempeh

I typically go to Trader Joe’s for all my tofu or tempeh needs as it is affordable + bountiful no matter what TJ’s I go to! Tofu + tempeh are both made from soybeans, just broken down to different consistencies, and are probably the least “meat like” out of the whole list. Personally tempeh is a fave of mine, as it holds its shape and texture much better than tofu. But tofu is great if you know how to prepare it without it falling apart (usually my issue)!




August 19, 2022 — Alison Velázquez