Meatless May is coming to a close, and I have to say I did not do too bad in keeping up with my meatless promise. I must admit it was hard at times- going from having the freedom to eat whatever meat I wanted to being restricted on how I got my protein everyday was a challenge. Meatless May is not for the faint of heart, lemme tell ya! There were a few slip-ups, And if you are like me, you should have been prepared for those to happen- especially if this is your first time going meatless! Just remember, it is totally okay for that happen. Trying new things can be tricky- trying a new diet be even harder! But that is why you have us here at Skinny Souping... to not only provide you with delicious meal-replacement soups filled with nutrients, but to share tips, stories, and advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Here are some things I learned from my Meatless May journey:


This was probably only because I was a newbie to the whole meatless game, but I noticed that I spent more on groceries each week and they lasted in my fridge for shorter amounts of time. I also noticed that I had to cook way more often and larger portions than I usually do so that I was eating enough to fuel me throughout the day. I enjoyed trying new recipes and incorporating plant-based proteins where meat was supposed to be! But I found it just slightly exhausting after a long day of work and working out to have to come home and cook a whole meal- but that is a personal preference thing. I am sure there are many people with the preference to not spend hours in the kitchen like me, who have mastered the art of quick meatless meals! So kudos to them! But if you are someone who is trying this for the first time, I suggest making sure you have the time and energy to be able to make new recipes and shop for specific ingredients.


If I needed anything during this month, it was someone to hold me more accountable than I already hold myself. I get lazy and I make excuses- we all do- so it definitely helps to have a buddy right there doing the same thing to keep you on track! And I do not mean someone to tell you that you’re an awful human or make you feel guilty because you had ONE chicken wing at the bar last weekend. What I mean is, someone who can be in it with you, and help lift you up when you feel like you can’t continue on.  No one likes to go through challenging times alone (yes, Meatless May was a challenging time for me, gosh…). So I totally suggest trying to find a friend or family member willing to join in a lifestyle challenge like this with you.


We love veggies here at Skinny Souping! We are dedicated to making products that are good for the environment and good for you, and that is why our products are all plant-based and all natural. But we’d be lying if we said that some of us do not indulge in a meat treat every now and again. But through our brand and products we want to show people that it is incredibly possible to get vital nutrients from plants in the most simple of forms, and live off that healthily. But if Meatless May has shown me anything it is that I love meat more than ever, and will continue to eat it. It has also shown me that if I ever really wanted to make the change in my lifestyle to veggies only, I would be able to. We live in a world now where we have access to all kinds of foods based on the diets and lifestyles we live. It is not hard to be a vegetarian or vegan, simply because we have the resources to do so. But choosing to continue to eat meat, even with all these plant-based protein options out there, is not something anyone can (or should) condemn you for. We all have our preferences. If that’s all veggies- yay! If that’s meat- yay too! The best thing you can do for your body is fuel it with what it loves and what it needs!




August 19, 2022 — Alison Velázquez