I know I am not the only one who looks at their old fruit + thinks “hmm it is definitely time to toss that”. Well this is your sign to STOP tossing your “old” fruit + do this instead! While your almost expired fruit looks a bit bleh to eat by itself, there are so many ways to use that fruit without having to throw it away. Here are my fave uses for all that “old” fruit!


Tbh, I purposefully let me bananas go “bad” whenever I buy them! Don’t get me wrong, I love bananas with peanut butter or in my cereal, but overripe bananas can be put to good, yummy use. Typically if my bananas start getting more brown than yellow, I peel them and put them in plastic bags or reusable containers + freeze them. This way I can use them when I need them for smoothies or my fave… BANANA BREAD! Overripe, frozen bananas are the best for homemade banana bread. They make for a moist bread that is so naturally sweet!


Another wonderful fruit that can be frozen when overripe, and used in smoothies! Avocados that have gotten “old” can also be used for face masks. Avocados have natural moisturizing properties + are the perfect addition to any homemade face mask. My fave mask recipe is avocado, oatmeal, + honey!



Again, freeze your “old” berries + use them in smoothies! But since I am a huge baker, I love to use my overripe berries in pies. I typically have an abundance of frozen berries in my freezer + they are perfect for berry pies or crumbles. You can make popsicles for your kiddos or homemade jam too!



One of my favorite overripe fruits to use instead of toss! Once again, I usually use my overripe apples to make crumbles or pies. But lately I have been trying my hand at homemade applesauce + apple butter in my slow cooker/crockpot. There are so many good recipes out there!




August 19, 2022 — Alison Velázquez