It is time to have a talk about the food group most of us neglect as part of our weekly routine… CITRUS! I know in my diet, I usually think of citrus as a garnish or additive to a sauce - and I bet that that is true for a lot of people. Citrus is so versatile + has so many hidden benefits that no one knows about! Which is why I think we all could use a dose of some citrus facts, and about how beneficial + delicious citrus can be when added into your weekly regimen.



Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is essential when it comes to skin health, hair care, + any kind of germ fighting your body may need! In fact, one medium orange contains 130% of your daily dose of Vitamin C.  Ascorbic acid kills bacteria on the body + in the body, which is why we see so many people using Vitamin C in their daily skincare + multivitamin routine. Citrus is the ultimate immunity booster!



One of the things people don’t think about when it comes to citrus is that it is high in soluble dietary fiber. This helps reduce inflammation, improves immune function, lowers lipid + blood pressure (due to low glycemic index), + helps with weight loss. This low calorie food group can also keep you fueled without filling you up with unnecessary calories. Citrus keeps everything moving!



As I said above, citrus is used in many people’s daily routine for it’s powerhouse Vitamin C! But ascorbic acid can be used for more than just fighting off germs + boosting immunity. This past year, I introduced ascorbic acid into my daily skincare routine + I have seen so many benefits. Vitamin C aids in brightening skin tone, fighting fine lines and wrinkles, helps boost collagen production, reduces pigmentation, + helps exfoliate skin gently. Vitamin C also helps strengthen hair, reduces hair loss, + can be an aid when trying to fight dandruff, as it detoxifies the scalp. All in all, gives our bodies exactly what it needs!


Types of Citrus:






Ways to Eat/Use Them:

-Juices or Smoothies


-Added to a salad

-On their own, fresh

-Sauces or Dressings




August 19, 2022 — Alison Velázquez