In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d share with our soupers an at-home + healthy twist on McDonald’s beloved Shamrock Shake! This smoothie is protein packed + creamy - I honestly wouldn’t even have known there were veggies in it, unless I read the recipe. Try this yummy treat as a midday snack, or eat it for dessert after you've had your share of corn beef + cabbage!


Spinach or Kale

I prefer to use baby spinach, as it leaves a much more subtle taste in the smoothie - whereas kale, can sometimes be a bit bitter.


Use your fave dairy or non-dairy option! My choice is unsweetened original almond milk.

Chocolate Protein Powder

You can use regular or plant-based if preferred!

Greek Yogurt

I keep plain greek yogurt in my fridge at all times, so that I can add it to smoothies when I need some extra creaminess + protein.


Typically, I buy bananas, let them ripen + toss them in the freezer for all my smoothie needs. But if you don’t have frozen bananas, a good ole’ ripe banana will do.

Mint Leave or Mint Extract

You will get more mintiness with less product if you use mint extract instead, but there is just something about fresh mint leaves that tastes soooo much better!

Ice Cubes

*Optional* Sweetener

If you like some additional sweetness - although you are getting the sweetness from the protein powder + banana - you can choose to add honey, stevia, or agave!


Now all you need to do is blend it all together in a blender + enjoy! You can even add whipped cream, mint leaves, + chocolate shavings for a fun garnish. Be sure to use a reusable straw when sipping!




August 19, 2022 — Alison Velázquez