Let’s be honest, during these unprecedented times lunch has become the thorn in every working parent's side. What snacks are good snacks? What kind of meal is going to get my child through their day? What is EASY to make and fueling?  E-learning has taken a toll on both parents and kids alike, so finding lunch options that are convenient, nutritious AND easy is the holy grail.

The Skinny Souping team is ALL about convenience - so here is a list of our lunch go-to’s!



Everyone loves snacks - kids and grown-ups alike.  In fact, with a strong snack game you can combine a few into a nutritious lunch.

  • Fresh Fruit

    • Buy in bulk and prep fruit over the weekend into single serve containers - or grab containers of pre-sliced fruit from your local grocer!

  •  Dips

    • Pair your favorite dip like hummus, greek yogurt, etc. with vegetable sticks or slices for a protein rich option. Instead of the usual celery, opt for smaller vegetable options like sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, or sliced bell peppers!

  • Yogurt

    • Yogurt is a great snack option that offers significant protein. Avoid flavored fruit options which are sugar-laden- instead, choose unflavored or plain which you can top with a handful of real berries for cleaner nutrition.

  • Crunchies

    • Skip the Lay’s potato chips! And pick crackers, popcorn, or even baked crunchy veggies. Many healthier choice option brands have now created single serve pack sizes of our favorites - try Simple Mills Almond Crackers, Skinny Pop Sea Salt Popcorn, or Harvest Snacks addictively Crunchy Peas. 



The mains of lunch are the most important. This is the one big piece of a meal that is made to give the most nutrition and fuel to the kid or adult eating it! So what we want to make sure of is that it is high in protein. After all, that is where we all get our main source of energy! Choose a main from this list and you can’t go wrong with fueling your kids and yourself!

  • Roll-Ups 

    • Ditch the bread and go straight for the protein. Just grab some meat and some cheese, and make a few! Make sure to choose hormone + nitrate free deli meat.

    • PB + J Sammy : The ultimate classic, quick lunch sandwich - upgrade it nutritionally by choosing whole wheat bread, a jelly that has no added sugar, and try unsalted creamy almond butter for a yummy twist!

  • Eggs

    • Eggs offer great nutrition that can be cooked up quickly. Whip up some simple baby quiches in a mini muffin pan - they’re the perfect size for kids’ hands and you can make endless varieties with simple add-ins (like a crumbled feta and baby spinach).  Hard boiled eggs are also a great staple. Boil eggs the night before (maybe even make enough for the whole work week) - cool in the fridge overnight, and toss on a salad or eat as is with a handful of nuts. 

  • Quesadillas 

    • The mexican grilled cheese! These are healthier and even quicker to prepare. Heat tortillas and add your fave cheese or vegan cheese- easily throw in an extra veggie (like spinach) to boost the nutrition!

  • Soup 

    • Comforting, satisfying and nutritious soup is our fave lunch option. However, all soups are not made equal! Try making a big batch of homemade soup with tons of veggies so you can control the ingredients. For an even easier option,  pick up some of our Skinny Soups! They are a great option for kids and parents alike. Just buy at your local Mariano's or Whole Foods, and store in your fridge until you’re ready to eat. It’s the perfect 90-second lunch - just unscrew the cap, heat, and eat. Kids will love the delicious flavors and can eat soups with ease by just uncapping and sipping! 




August 19, 2022 — Alison Velázquez