About Us

Our Roots

From the beginning our company was started with the idea of bringing soup back to its roots as the original health food - nutrient dense meal made from simple ingredients with absolutely no preservatives. I was born in Mexico City, but moved to Chicago when I was very young. Although my family brought little with us, we did bring over our traditions. Anyone who has ever eaten at my grandmother’s house knows you always start a meal with soup - or if you were her, it was the meal. Eating fresh real food made from scratch was what I knew and soup was always at the center of my family's table. Yet, as I grew up and my life got busier I found it increasingly challenging to eat fresh. I was tired of eating protein bars - my body craved fresh veggies. One particularly cold day, I pureed a homemade soup I had made, threw it in a mug and ran out the door. The warm goodness was exactly what I had craved - veggies could be eaten on the run, if packaged correctly. During my time spent in the fitness world, I saw personally how many other people struggled to eat healthy on the go. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to build something that could help make healthy eating simple, so I decided to create a line of fresh plant-based soups.

2 months later we launched our soups online, selling them as a package. What we quickly realized was that people wanted to be able to sip our yummy soups all the time, not just for a detox occasion, so we created our line of single serve soups that launched into retail in 2017. My goal is to ensure that you always have a delicious convenient option on hand for when you need it. Siempre. In health,

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Our Beliefs

In our humble opinion, when it comes to food - less is more. So we like to keep things simple, which is exactly how we make our soups. Simple all natural ingredients, thoughtfully combined to provide maximum nutrition while also being delish. All of our flavors were created from inception to be delicious hot OR cold.


We package our soups in modern BPA-free jars which allow for easy consumption-on-the-go for your busy lifestyle. Sip them chilled straight out of the jar or if you like it hot - just heat (in the jar), sip and enjoy. Our labels and jars are clear because we have nothing to hide.

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